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Kovvali Sai Sourya Varenya

Kovvali Sai Sourya Varenya

Full-stack Roboticist

8051, Zürich, Zürich, Switzerland
Sourya Varenya


MSc in Robotics, Systems and Control from Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule Zürich with GPA of 5.05


BTech in Mechanical Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology Madras with GPA of 9.51



Software Lead at AMZ Driverless

Fully autonomous electric racing team from ETH Zürich, participating in FSG


  • Developing ‘AMZ Playground’ – extensible web application for visualization, simulation, and analysis
  • Overseeing software infrastructure, autonomous computer, and track-tools work packages
  • Developed ‘amz-tool’ to aid developers with updating dependencies, formatting, linting, and other functions
  • Coordinated autonomous software development, maintained FSSIM (Formula Student Simulator)
  • Setup and maintained self-hosted continuous integration (CI) servers for automated testing and feedback
  • Designed and built ground truth mapping device (GTMD) to tag racetrack using Real-time kinematic (RTK) service

President at Team Anveshak

The Mars rover team of IIT Madras which engineers a powerful semi-autonomous all-terrain vehicle for the scientific exploration of Mars


  • Lead the Chassis Design for the first version of the rover
  • Successfully headed the team and participated in the University Rover Challenge 2017
  • Conducted a successful crowdfunding campaign, raising INR 1.75L ($2700) and efficiently administered team finances
  • Networked with companies - Maxon and Pololu - for accessing excusive discounts on their products
  • Co-heading the design of TeRA – Tele-operated Robotic Arm, a unique manipulator constructed for rover with end-to-end design analysis


Research Assistant at Intelligent and Dynamic Systems Lab, IIT Bombay

Design of Biped Test Bench for underactuated control


  • Designed bipedal robot and a rotating testbench for conducting experiments on locomotion
  • Setup simulation environment and interfacing hardware and developing control architecture for the biped

Undergraduate Researcher at R2D2 Lab, IIT Madras

Knee joint mechanism for providing natural gait among patients with weak knee extensors


  • Devised an electromechanical clutch-based mechanism for achieving selective unlocking the orthoses and performed FEA for load verification
  • Prototyped a sample knee joint with necessary electronics for validating the mechanism and the control strategy
  • Developed purely mechanical system to perform selective locking of knee joint
  • Currently testing performance on UTM and able-bodied subjects

Undergraduate Researcher at Robotics Lab

Novel serial chain manipulator robot with locomotion and hybrid grasping


  • Simulated PID control on model - Lagrangian Mechanics in Mathematica
  • Designed and fabricated a prototype containing 2 grippers linked serial chain providing the ability to locomote, grasp and perform in-hand manipulation enabled by intricate roller belt grasping mechanism
  • Experimented on the grasping force for objects of different sizes and shapes to use it as a parameter for comparison across grippers

Product Development Intern at Skillveri Pvt Ltd

Development of an arc welding simulator


  • Designed and fabricated Arc Welding Torch for VR simulator setup that utilizes a retracting rod mechanism for the electrode feed
  • Integrated and programmed microcontroller for PID controlled retraction rate and IMU orientation feedback

Product Development Intern at Detect Technologies

Design and Fabrication of casings


  • Ported thermal camera core to GoPro form-factor for compatibility with existing gimbals on surveillance drones
  • Adopted iterative designing and manufacturing cycles for achieving accurate tolerances and optimized weight distribution


Tutor at CBSE Udaan

Recorded Lectures on topics - Conic sections and Calculus for distributing to unprivileged girl population of India



GraspMan – A Novel Robotic Platform with Grasping, Manipulation, and Multimodal Locomotion Capability

Accepted for ICRA 2018


Level: Master
  • Python
  • C/C++
  • ROS
  • Docker
  • Jenkins
CAD modelling
Level: Intermediate
  • Fusion 360
  • Autodesk Inventor
Digital Electronics
Level: Intermediate
  • Raspberry Pi
  • Nvidia Jetson
  • ESP32/8266
Web Development
Level: Intermediate
  • Svelte
  • Flask