Biped Test Bench

Biped Test Bench

An exploratory research project on serial redundant manipulator

This is a project on building a test platform for bipedal robot research. The objective is to set up a hardware and software framework for implementing various walking algorithms.

The class of bipedal robots we wish to build are known as underactuated robots. These have lesser motors/actuators than the degrees of freedom, making them challenging to control. This robot is meant to have pointed feet, just like a ballet dancer.

Over the span of two months I designed 3 variants of the biped and initiated the fabrication. Most of it is based on sheet-metal processing which makes it much faster and inexpensive to manufacture. You can see the design in the following pictures.


Currently, I am working on setting up the necessary hardware for the robot. Assembly is expected to happen over the next month.

I am also developing a simulation model for V-REP and a seamless integration with the hardware for interfacing with Python and MATLAB. design